Why Do I Care? (Explicit)

I was recently asked “Why do you care so much if your client succeeds or fails?”

So, being in the design world, being a graphic designer, I used to do whatever was asked of me. I didn’t care what you did. I didn’t care what the client was trying to sell. Didn’t matter what service was offered. It didn’t matter. So you want to sell the shiniest dog-shit ($9.95 on Ebay), It’s dog-shit, but you know that your dog-shit is the shiniest. It’s way better than any other dog-shit out there. But it’s dog-shit! No problem. I’m going to help you package that shiny turd, put a pretty bow on it and get it to the masses. In my mind, that was my job. That means, sometimes, I was asked to do work for companies that I despised. I took on jobs that went against my morals. I helped people sell stuff that I felt was useless, or dangerous, or simply a waist. I had a terrible job.

I own my own business. The reason I own my own business is because I didn’t like working for other people. I didn’t want a boss. I definitely didn’t want to help you sell products that were future landfill. Funny thing is when you own your own business you don’t have a boss (future post), you have hundreds. Every one of my clients is essentially my boss. But, I figured out that I get to choose my boss(es). I don’t have to work for the jerk, or the grump, or the mean guy or the thoughtless criminal. I don’t have to help sell garbage. I can say “no” to the people that support that. I get to say goodbye to the people that do not exist anywhere else in my life.

So when I take on a new client. It’s not the money. Most businesses I work with are start-ups and don’t have any money. They have a great idea, or a great product, or a great service. I take on a new client because I believe in their product, idea or their service. I want that client to succeed. I am filled with passion to help them be the very best they can be. I research the product. I want to know everything there is to know about the product. Essentially, I am also a representative of the product. Their success is my success! I want to be a part of all that is good in this world. I want to help you spread your “good”. We’re all in this together. I feel a bit of ownership in it all. You’re business, IS my business.

When someone asks me “Why do you care so much?”

I say “Because that’s my job.”